Welcoming Keliki Tom Gladys to the PALM Corps Team

PALM Corps is excited to welcome Keliki Tom Gladys to our team at the Arua head office. Gladys joins us as our new Consortium Program Manager. She will oversee the PRETTIER (Prevention and Response to Teenage Pregnancy through Life Skills, Income, and Formal Education Re-Entry)-Project, which will be implemented over the coming two years in consortium with our partners RICE – West Nile and SPACE. Project activities will take place in schools of Zombo and Madi-Okollo districts, with the overall objective of preventing teenage pregnancies and building the resilience of out-of-school girls including teenage mothers.

Here Gladys shortly introduces herself and her work to us:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to work in the development/humanitarian sector?

My name is Keliki Tom Gladys, Consortium Program Manager PALM Corps. In my seven years working in the humanitarian sector, I am motivated by the harsh living conditions experienced by the affected persons. I serve with passion and integrity in a diverse environment.

In your opinion, why is the PRETTIER project important and what will be its main contributions?

It addresses current problems right from the grass root and its response is a collective responsibility. It contributes toward attitude change and building resilience amongst Adolescents and increasing opportunities for gainful employment.

And what are you looking forward to most in the implementation of the project over the coming months?

Building synergies with stakeholders including community/targeted groups for project ownership. Setting clear targets and building a strong team across the two Districts. I would like to see Improved retention and attitude change amongst parents and adolescents, re-entry, and economic empowerment through skilling.

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